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A Better Future

By pooling our resources, knowledge, and skills, we are making meaningful progress towards creating a society that is more just, sustainable, and equitable for Afghan girls and women.

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Our organization aids child laborers and communities in Afghanistan by providing education, health services, and raising awareness to those in need, making a profound impact on countless lives.

Providing Basic Necessities.
Our organization provides education, health services, social services and other basic necessities to communities in need in Afghanistan, thanks to our donors and volunteers.
Supporting Education and Empowerment.
Our organization supports education initiatives in Afghanistan, providing access to classrooms, books, and other resources to empower individuals and communities.
Providing Social Services.
Our organization empower communities through vital social services, fostering positive change, and improving lives.
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Our Latest Programs and Updates

From empowering communities to promoting sustainability and social justice, we're committed to creating change that lasts.


Raha Charity Foundation

Raha Charity Foundation empowers underprivileged girls, offering education and essential support for a brighter future. We nurture their potential, enabling them to overcome obstacles and pursue successful lives filled with opportunities.

The 100 Businesswomen Entrepreneurs Project

Our capacity-building program supports 100 inspiring women entrepreneurs, equipping them with essential skills and resources to thrive in the business world and empowering them to reach their full potential and drive economic growth.

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Harnessing Data for Impact: REHSO's Statistical Analysis for Positive Change

At REHSO, we harness the transformative power of data to catalyze positive change in our community. Through robust collection and analysis, we leverage statistics to drive our mission and initiatives effectively.

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